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SHANTUI Building   Shandong Shantui Construction Machinery Company Ltd. (Shantui) is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of construction machinery dominating the development, production, sales and export of earth-moving equipment in China. Covering an area of 675,000 sq. m, Shantui consists of Shantui Main Factory, Shantui Undercarriage Factory, Shantui Hydraulic Factory, Shantui Industrial Trading Co. and Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. with more than 5,100 employees of specialists, senior engineers and technicians.


Wheel loader ZL30F   Since 1979, when Shantui started to introduce the advanced manufacturing technology from Komatsu and Caterpillar, Shantui has developed a wide range of construction machinery including heavy-duty bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, trimming dozers, hydraulic traction scrapers, as well as such key components as torque converter, transmission, track & link assembly, etc.


   Bulldozers of Shantui can be classified into six basic series 70-80HP, 110-120HP, 140-180HP, 220-230HP, 320-330HP, with most of the spare parts being interchangeable with that of equivalent products of Komatsu Bulldozers of standard type, swamp type, extra swamp type, desert type, forest type and environment protection type have developed to meet different demands. PC200-6, PC220-6 hydraulic excavators are produced by means of a Joint Venture between Shantui and Komatsu, with bucket capacity from 0.8 cub. m. to 1.6 cub. m. Trimming dozers TB160 and TB70, are designed with a specialized multi-function blade, which is flexible in narrow spaces, ideal for handling such bulk goods as coal, sugar and cement at ports and on cargo vessels. In addition, having adopted technology of both Komatsu and Caterpillar, Shantui is the largest maker in China of transmissions, torque converters and undercarriage parts for different kinds of machinery. Since 1995, Komatsu has been purchasing parts and components for its own production, from Shantui in large quantities.


Komatsu Shantui PC200TY230B (D85A-21)   In the past few years, a lot of progress has been achieved at Shantui, with technology coordination from Komatsu, in the development of the latest models of bulldozer including D155B-II, D85A-21, D65-11, D53-17, which are designed with more flexibility, operating comfort and efficiency. In 1992, Komatsu and Shantui started their cooperation in hydraulic excavators, which had finally led to the establishment of a new joint-venture factory between Komatsu and Shantui in 1996.


   In order to guarantee superior quality, Shantui has introduced sophisticated factory equipment such as 4.000T hot pressing line from EUMUCO, processing centers from NEW NIPPON, TOSHIBA and BULGARIA, large size three-coordinate surveying instruments from England, the direct reading spark spectrometer and cutting & welding robots from MILLER (USA), ABB (Sweden), IGM (Austria), all of which are providing quality assurance to Shantui brand products. There is no doubt that Shantui is the first Chinese manufacture of earth-moving equipment which was awarded with ISO9001 Certification for its comprehensive production and quality control system.


   Annual production capacity of Shantui is 1000 units of different models of bulldozers, 1500 units of excavators and 400 units of other kinds of machinery. While sharing 70% of domestic market supply, products of Shantui have already been exported to more than 60 foreign countries, with primary sales and service net works established in South Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, Australia and Latin America, competing many globe-famous brands all over the world.

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