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Russian firm "Astra Co. Ltd." has been working at the Russian Market since 1988 and proved to be a stable and reliable Partner. We have a big experience in doing the honest business in Russia. "Astra Co. Ltd." has necessary legal registrations of all necessary Russian State Authorities, which enable it to effect the International Business activity.

We are a private company with staff of 7 highly qualified specialists with the high education. We are located in VladivostokCity (Pacific Coast of Russia) which is a Russia's gateway to the Asian-Pacific Rim. This favourable geographical situation allows us to establish the reliable businessconnectionsintheregion and to do our business effectively. We have an office equipped by the necessary means of communication: Telephone/Fax, E-mail, and Internet.

From the beginning of the New Millennium we started the active study of the perspective World Market of construction machinery and spare parts. In 1998 the Director General of "Astra Co. Ltd." was invited by the United States Department of Commerce to visit USA in order to take part in the SABIT Program for the 40 days period. During this time he visited more than 10 big gold mining companies in the States of Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Alaska. He has a related Certificate.


We purchase machinery and spare parts (Original and O.E.M. for Komatsu D65, D155, D355, D375, WA320, WA380, PC200, PC220, PC400 for Caterpillar D6, D8, D9, CAT320, CAT330, CAT769, CAT950, CAT960, John Deere and others) for Russian companies from Japan, Singapore and USA. We have a reliable cargo delivery scheme to Vladivostok by sea vessels in 20' containers, by Air and by combined shipment as well.

In case of small shipment we use 100% advance payment conditions and for the big shipments we use the Irrevocable, Confirmed L/C payment scheme.


Also, we offer to sale the Chinese-built machinery SHANTUI (TY160, TY230A, TY320B, PC200-6, PC220-6, ZL30F, ZL40F, ZL50F, ZL60F), which are analogues of Japanese machines. The Chinese factories have reached world production standards and have international ISO9001 Quality Assurance Accreditations. The Chinese machines are reliable, productive and they are very well priced, so that ordinary people can afford to buy it.

Nearly all the world major equipment manufacturers now have joint venture factories in China, producing machines and parts to original specifications and quality to supplement their home factory production.

Contact us for detailed information about Chinese built machinery.



We are looking for the reliable Partner, which could be our exclusive supplier of the construction machinery and spare parts for importing them to Russia.

If the Russian Market is attractive for you, we hope to receive your answer and consider with you the conditions of our possible cooperation.

Please contact us without any hesitation by tel/fax +7-4232-405060, +7-4232-460332

A. Drovorub

Alexander Drovorub, General Director

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